Trivia Engine for Teams

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To create your own customized challenges, purchase a Standard, Pro or Deluxe subscription through the Teams app store. Any of the creator subscriptions allows you to make your custom challenges available to anyone in your organization. If you have any questions about the Trivia Engine subscription plans, contact us at

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three ways to

Create & Share Your Own Challenge Content

You can create your own challenge content and share within your organization —and beyond— in three ways:

  1. Purchase a Standard, Pro, or Deluxe plan through the Teams store.
  2. Hire our expert content creators to create any number of questions for you on a specific topic. We charge per question, with a minimum of 25 questions. For more information email:

    Number of Questions 25-49 50-99 100 or more
    Price per Question $40 $35 $30
  3. License pre-created content packs. We have created a number of challenges designed to help users better understand key features of important Office 365 applications. To get a list of currently available content email:

For complete information on a license to share your own challenge content email: